Video Too!

We perform and photograph almost all of our weddings here in Key West at Smathers Beach. We wanted people who had never been here before to get a better feel for what our beaches are like so we made this short video. Remember the sunscreen!

Now this video was a lot of fun. My friend Josh Rowan of the schooner Hindu was trying to arrange an annual event here ... the Key West Classic Regatta. And a short video showing off theses beautiful classic boats and our excellent winter sailing conditions would certainly come in handy for marketing next years event. Colleen and and bounced around quite a bit on a 25 footer to get theses two minutes of steady footage.

Here’s a video that friends of the bride and groom shot while I was photographing them after their wedding. I’m the guy with the camera. Just a quick cameo appearance.

This couple wanted to recreate those great Corona beer commercials with some stills after their beach wedding. When we were done photographing I said let’s try some HD video on my shiny new Nikon D7000. Came out pretty good for one take.

Here's a slideshow of their beach wedding I made up for a couple. Gives you an idea of the kinds of shots we do.